Recent books

Since 1996 I have published 30 books. Almost all (28) are non-fiction. The most recent non-fiction was the second edition of my book on clear writing, CLARITY, published in August 2018 (75 pages). It costs £5 and is only available via print-on-demand by contacting me at sraquinn (at) gmail (dot) com

I have written the manuscripts for three novels. To date one, Chaucer’s Team, has been published. That novel uses Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales as a model and revolves around a travelling cricket team. Twelve members of the Pilgrims tell their stories to team captain Jeffrey Chaucer in the team pub, the Canterbury Tales. The stories are about love, sex, death, masculinity and life.

How to buy the novel: From Amazon for the print version or as an ebook from Kindle. The price varies depending on format.

My first book of poetry If you can be anything, be kind appeared in October 2018. You can buy it on Amazon here.

Stephen Quinn

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