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Here are links to three of my recent books.

My first book of poetry, If you can be anything, be kind, is now out (November 2018). A link will be provided soon.

My first published novel, Chaucer’s Team, can be found at a range of locations. It’s an update of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, set in the context of a traveling cricket team. Twelve members of the Pilgrims cricket team tell their stories in the team pub, the Canterbury Tales, to the team captain Jeff Chaucer. The stories are about love, sex, death, masculinity, cricket and life. You have three ways to buy the novel, published in 2014: From the publisher’s site Completely Novel, on Amazon or as an ebook from Kindle here.

The second edition of my book CLARITY: A guide to clear writing is available on Amazon, at the Completely Novel site, and on Kindle. It appeared in October 2018.

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