Phone your next blog update

The Guardian of 21 May 2007 reports that British technology group SpinVox has signed a deal with US blogging company Six Apart to offer speech-to-text technology to its LiveJournal service. About 12 million bloggers use LiveJournal. SpinVox’s co-founder and chief executive Christina Domecq said mobile phones were an obvious tool for bloggers. But typing on a phone’s tiny keyboard was hard work. The new Spin My Blog technology converts speech to text. SpinVox already offers voicemail-to-text and speech-to-text message services.

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  1. In the end Spinvox did according to their developer website (which is orbiting as web junk at develop a speech-to-text blogging platform. Nuance communication, however, bough them in 2009(See: amid accusations from some sectors of the IT industry that their AI transcription technology was little more than a Mechanical Turk (

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