Taxi to the Dark Side

Have just seen Taxi to the Dark Side, an Oscar nominee for this year’s best documentary. Writer and director Alex Gibney did The Smartest Guys in the Room, about Enron. The taxi driver of the title is an Afghani who died in Bagram prison.  A military coroner found the cause of death was homicide. The film is unrelenting, and shows how America imported the torture methods from Bagram to Guantanomo. These methods were scientifically developed in the 1960s, and approved by the Pentagon, and possibly higher. They consisted of absolute sensory deprivation, isolation, beatings, forcing people to stand for days, sleep deprivation, forcing nude men to masturbate in front of American women soldiers, sexual aggression, and even waterboarding. Digital camera images smuggled out of Guantanomo prison are used extensively. The film notes that Coalition forces only captured 7 per cent of prisoners. Domestic allies captured the rest, and in many cases rounded up innocent people for the rewards.

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