Sonoma pleasures continued

Final stop was Kunde Estate, on the Sonoma Highway at Kenwood. They charge a fee of $5 for tasting the estate wines, and $10 for the reserve wines.  This is odd compared with Australia, where tasting is mostly free. But the economies of scale in America are much bigger. Sadly, most of the wines lacked flavour and zest, apart from the 2004 Dunfillan cuvee, a blend of syrah and cabernet sauvignon ($40). It’s a beautiful setting. And the idea of storing their wines in the caves under the nearby hill is a lovely site and notion. But the wines lacked something. Perhaps it was late in the afternoon. One’s palate diminishes as time passes. But it was a lovely day, with lots of sunshine and the splendid company of the witty Harvey Jacobs. Thank  you, Harvey, for your driving skills.

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