Cup of coffee versus a newspaper

All Starbucks coffee shops closed across the country for 3.5 hours yesterday. The company’s share price has dropped 40 per cent this year. CEO Howard Schultz decided to re-train all barristas, as part of a plan to revitalise the company. People spend an average of $3 each time they buy coffee in Starbucks. Yet people resist spending 50 cents to $1.25 for a daily newspaper. The San Francisco Chronicle offers an annual subscription for a mere $20. This effectively makes it a free daily. Yet circulation continues to decline. Compare the intellectual content in a daily newspaper with what you get in a paper cup from Starbucks … something is terribly wrong in how people perceive daily newspapers

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  1. It’s time, not cost, that is the problem. It takes me 5 min. to drink my coffee. The paper could take 30 min. or more. It’s a psychic burden if you don’t read it everyday.

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