iPhone users go online more: survey

Give people the right tools and their Internet behaviour changes. A survey about mobile phone habits shows high Net use among iPhone owners. M:Metrics, a company that studies mobile media, has released a survey showing iPhone users access news and information more than other smartphone owners. The company surveyed more than 10,000 adults and found that 84.8% of iPhone users accessed news and information on their phones compared with 13.1%  of the overall mobile phone market and 58.2% of smartphone owners (including Blackberries and Windows-based devices). And 58.6% of iPhoners used a search engine on their phone, compared with 37% of smartphone users and 6.1% of the general mobile phone population. Mark Donovan, an analyst at M:Metrics, said Apple had created a device that fitted the lifestyle of people who used digital tools often. Looks like yet another reason for news organisations to get into mobile delivery.

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