Smart bloggers outside North America

A worthy addition to the select group of  blogs about journalism is the Nieman Journalism Lab. It has just posted a list of  the top 10 blogs about the future of journalism. With the exception of one from London, the list consists of 7 from the US and 2 from Canada. Yes, as ever the border of reality ends in the North American continent, excluding Mexico. In the interests of broadening horizons, here are some excellent blogs from outside that continent.

  • Onlinejournalismblog by Paul Bradshaw in Birmingham in the UK
  • Innovations in newspapers by Juan Antonio Giner and a group of international colleagues. Disclosure: I am an Innovations consultant.
  • Julie Starr in New Zealand.
  • Mediafile by Robert MacMillan in London.
  • Videoreporter by Ruud Elmendorp, a Dutch journalist based in Kenya.
  • Mojoevolution by Frank Barth-Nilsen in Norway.
  • I do not read French all that well, but friends have told me about Atelier. It has some good coverage of Africa.
  • And speaking of Africa, this wonderful site collects hosts of mobile-phone based reports.

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  1. Hi Stephen — For the record, that’s only my top 10. I follow a couple hundred in my RSS reader, including the first three you mention here and a few dozen other non-North American blogs. Thanks for the others.

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