Release of Atomos wines

Stefano and Maria Di Nisio have released two special wines known as Atomos. The entrepreneurs and winemakers said they focus on a unique process of destemming. Each berry is meticulously harvested using a three-fingers method which means only the best berries are chosen. It also means only a few hundred bottles are produced each year.

Because of the wine’s acidity and tannins Atomos can be cellared for more than 30 years, assuming they are stored in ideal conditions, Stefano said.

Atomos is based in Abruzzo in central Italy. The red is made from 100 per cent Montepulciano and the white entirely from Trebbiano. Vines are up to 65 years old.

Stefano Di Nisio, from Abruzzo, met Maria Kalafati from Athens while at university in 1994. While visiting Maria’s relatives in Crete in 2010 Stefano noticed three old ladies destemming grapes by hand to make the famous sweet-dry wine sultanina. The berries tasted amazing compared with machine-harvested grapes, Stefano said. This revelation was the origin of the Atomos three-finger process.

Maria and Stefano worked on the project with their friend Giorgos Kolliopoulos, founder of the luxury olive oil, Lambda.

Find out more about Atomos in this video: 

Disclaimer: Stephen Quinn received a bottle of the red to taste as part of this article.

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