Using SMS to stop crime

MocoNews reports the launch today of a service, TipSoft, that will allow people in the US and Canada to submit anonymous tips about crime via text messages. The service is being powered by mBlox and Anderson Software, a law enforcement software company, with the help of Crime Stoppers. Anyone with a cell phone will be able to text crime tips to the shortcode CRIME. But for the correct agency to get the tip, the user needs to know the ID number for their local agency. For example, a text message in Silicon Valley must start off with the code TIP333, while a tip in San Diego would need to go to TIP409. Similar programs have already started in three American cities. In Boston, the city’s Text-a-Tip program helped solved two homicides and fielded hundreds of tips in its first few months of operation. TipSoft will soon launch in the UK. Read the news release.

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