Tom Brokaw on young audiences

Have just read an interview with Tom Brokaw, former anchor and managing editor of the NBC Nightly News. I found these comments spot on: “I was at MIT yesterday with the best and brightest. There were about 15 students in the room with me, and I asked how many of them read a newspaper on a daily basis. Two hands went up. Then I asked how many watched the evening news on a nightly basis. No hands went up. And then I asked how many spend a lot of time during the day going to their PDA or computer to find out what’s going on, and every hand went up.” So how do you reach them? Brokaw continues: “… we’ve been working fairly hard and with some success to [snip] marry our slightly larger screen with their smaller screens. Brian [Williams] now does a second half-hour of the Nightly News that plays out on the NBC Nightly News web site. I went to The New York Times web site the other day, and at the end of a story it sent me off to four or five different bloggers who are in the New York Times stable. These folks had additional things to say, but that didn’t show up in print anywhere. So everybody is crashing through this wilderness trying to find a place that is hospitable and habitable and where people can form communities.”

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