MSM still trusted ahead of blogs

National television emerges as the most trusted news source ahead of newspapers and public radio, based on the results of a major worldwide survey. But the Internet is gaining ground, especially among the young. GlobeScan conducted the survey in 10 countries on behalf of Reuters, the BBC and the Media Center. It found four in five of 10,230 adults surveyed rated national television as their most trusted news source. Three in five trusted national or regional newspapers, two in three said they trusted public radio and 56 per cent chose international satellite television. Globescan president Doug Miller said neither the Internet nor blogs fared well in more developed countries. “The Internet is gaining ground among the young. Just as many people distrust them as trust them,” he told Reuters. One in four respondents said they trusted blogs, but 23 per cent said they did not. Dean Wright, managing editor of consumer media at Reuters, said blogs would eventually come of age, just as newspapers once did.

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